john blakeborough

A short time ago I recoded my website to account for new techniques that I had acquired over past months, however the site was still focussed towards large screen real estate and evidently this was no longer relevant for the growth of internet use by smartphones and tablets.

It was time to use a responsive layout which meant a fundamental rethink in terms of design and a change in style of coding. With a fixed layout the coding logic and design is basically the same as that for print and this has allowed me to remain firmly in my comfort zone, with responsive layout the design must be looser with more white space (percentages demand a different conceptualisation), as the width and height (also the aspect ratio) of the viewport changes the relationship between images and paragraphs. This new version should retain my design across all screen widths.

I believe that this new design will showcase my skills in web development and whilst I continue to search for a position (see my CV below) my offer of free design and development for all continues to be relevant as it will allow me to hone my skills in real-life situations.

Free web design

It is extremely simple, if you are thinking of updating your website or it is your first web presence, I would welcome the opportunity to design and code it, there is no catch (free means just that) and you would get exactly the same 110% commitment as you would if you were paying me the going rate. You can see other sites that I have designed for free by clicking on the links below.

Photo retouching

My experience at the BBC (Hulton Picture Library and its 10+ million images) and my many years as a printer have, with my very early immersion in the digital technologies led to a comprehensive understanding of skills and techniques necessary for competent photo retouching .

I have recently been working with authors on retouching old images for publication (a PDF file with a few of the images is available), this is something I enjoy doing - removing water damage or giving new life to faded images - and therefore offer my services to anyone who needs a photo retouching, whether it be an old family photo or an image for publishing, like web design the service is free, I prefer continual practice and knowing I have made an improvement is rewarding in itself.

An essential factor in retouching old images is not simply making them as near to perfect as possible but also to retain the character of the epoch, two things that are not always mutually compatible.