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Creating a m3u Playlist in Winamp for use in Serviio

I could not find a simple howto with google, I sense it is to do with the fact that Linux and Windows users don't cross over that often. I hope the following explanation of how to create a playlist with Winamp for use in Serviio helps somewhat.

In Winamp on Windows Server 2012 the absolute path (1) is
    H:\Music\FLAC\Album Artist\Album\Song.flac
In Serviio on CentOS 7.5 the absolute path (2) is
    /mnt/FLAC/Album Artist/Album/Song.flac

Therefore any playlist created in Windows will have the above absolute path (1), so to use it in Serviio it is necessary to do a search and replace as follows

    FIND        H:\Music
    REPLACE     /mnt

followed by

    FIND        \
    REPLACE     /

This will produce the absolute path (2).

A rather convoluted exercise ! ! !

There is a simpler way using a relative path to the root of your music directory (in my case FLAC).

These are the instructions to produce a relative path using Notepad++ and Winamp

Open Notepad++ and create a new file and save as


Now open Winamp and in the left column RIGHT click on Playlists and choose

    Import playlist from file...

go to the root of FLAC and choose the newly created trial_playlist.m3u file

There are multiple ways to add files to the playlist, if you enqueue the songs and test them - when satisfied highlight all songs enqueued and RIGHT click and choose

    Send to: Library Playlists > trial_playlist

To save the playlist go back to left column Playlists > trial_playlist and in the right column you will see all the songs selected, at bottom of this column click on

    Manage Playlists > Export playlist...

A window opens entitled "Export Playlist" the File name will already be trial_playlist and Save as type M3U Playlist.

Within a short time if using Serviio 1.92 the playlist will appear in the Media Browser under


That's it! Hope it works for YOU!